Success is Addictive

Success is seriously addictive. Although immediate radical change doesn’t work for everyone, the idea of an immediate shock to your system or normal routine should resonate with you.  Through 30 days of no booze, 2-a-day workouts, and eating healthier I can’t begin to explain the energy and clarity I have to tackle the day.  Through that I began to see results and success.  Let me tell you if you haven’t tasted success in a while. You need to get yourself here.  It’s pretty awesome! If you don’t feed off of it, you’re missing out on some serious motivational drive my friend.

One large piece of this has come in the idea to create an on-going dreams list for myself.  Some of you may consider this a bucket list with a twist. The twist is that at all times you must always be pursuing at least one thing on your list.  Once you start checking things off you want to accomplish it GETS ADDICTIVE.  It makes you feel like you wasted all that time you had over the last few years not doing anything when you could have been achieving what you really wanted to in life.  If you haven’t made a dreams list yet you seriously need one. If you truly have the drive to accomplish the goals on that list it will change how you live your life. If you need help putting one together, check out my next blog post 😉

One very important life goal on my list is to achieve a minimum of 3 sources of income.  If you don’t have more than one source of income, get on it! Because, the fact is you never know when life is going to change and this is going to keep you a float when things you don’t expect happen in your life! Not only that but passive income is the way that you can start to make some serious coin.  Listen to any successful millionaire out there in the world, I’ll bet they have at least 3 to 5 sources of income 😉

Because of that my days outside of my normal job working for a staffing company recently have been spent researching ways to make money on real estate and Instagram. Outside of wanting to speak professionally, run a website, YouTube page, social media platform, etc. just as a few ideas…  Let me tell you, the amount of information out there is crazy, and the number of hours I’ve listened to successful experts in their field teach how to build a new source of income in these areas from scratch has been ridiculous lately. But I have to tell you; its addicting. When you taste a bit of success in any area of your life it makes you want to find more. So, get off the couch and start doing something. Whether that starts with running a half mile, researching stocks, eating healthier, looking into a new way to make money on the side, or quitting your job and doing what you ACTUALLY want to do in your life. Do it. Success is addictive. Jump on the train. What the hell are you waiting for?