Living Everyday Like it’s Friday

Answer this question.  Do you spend your week waiting for Friday?  Or do you make today your Friday.  If you are spending your week waiting until Friday, that means that on Friday you must create a different outlook on your day, I’d be willing to bet you are in a better mood, you have a better attitude about what you are doing, and barring any unfortunates you love life on Friday.  Think about this.  What if you could have the same feeling you do Friday, everyday??  You can..

Every single one of you who just said “yea right” in the back of your mind… is exactly my point!  If you don’t believe that statement or you don’t think there’s any way that’s possible, why don’t you?  Maybe it’s the stress of your job? School? Your hectic schedule after work making dinner, taking the kids to the 10 different things they need to do, cleaning the house, and trying to get some sleep in the process?  Hey, my mom has the exact same life.  I completely understand.  Life is busy.   But.. try this. Instead of waking up and going to work/school thinking of the hundreds of things you have to do with no way to fit them in.  Focus on the present.  Focus on what is happening right now in front of you and make the most of it.  Here’s a trick to help put yourself in a better mood.  Pick out one thing that you are going to do today that gets you excited.. Maybe you are going to get starbucks after work.  Now instead of stressing about your work load, nothing matters because you are getting starbucks after work ;).  Focus on making the most out of what you are doing right now.  Don’t live life a hundred things at a time.. live life in the moment, one moment at a time.  Enjoy it.  Because you wont ever get this moment again.  And since you aren’t getting that moment back I don’t know about you.. but id rather make it a positive one.

So, why not live everyday like Friday?  How?  slow your life down..   In everything you do, look at the positive of it.  Everything that you do, everything that happens to you always has a positive side.  Look for it, if you do it enough itll become like second nature.   Just think how much that would effect your day?  ..think about how it would change your drive for accomplishment.  About how you would treat everyone around you.. about how much more attention you would pay to the little things.  Everyone wants to be the person who is always in a great mood.  Everyone wants to be happier.  Everyone wants to change little things in their life.  Everyone wants to win the day.   So stop talking about it, and live it.  

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