Finding Motivation

If you know me you know very well that Tin Cup is my favorite movie.  If you’re not familiar with it first off.. that’s sad and you’re missing out on 2 hours and 15 minutes of pure gold. I’m more than happy to watch it with you any day of the week. But it’s a movie about Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy who is a washed up driving range pro who tries to make something of his life and win the US Open all for the sole reason of impressing a woman.  Shocker.. it always come back to a woman.  Roy spent over a decade of his life showing up everyday putting in an average day’s work running a barely surviving establishment when he was capable of so much more.  Then out of nowhere, a woman brings out a fire in him he hadn’t seen since college.

For Roy, his talent was there all along but until he found that driving factor of motivation that happened to be a psychiatrist from West Texas to bring that championship caliber performance out of him.. he was just an average lazy professional golfer.  Most of us spend our days making excuses why we can’t be better. We keep pushing those sales goals, fitness goals, cleaning goals, off until tomorrow.. all because we don’t have the “motivation” to do better.  Everyone always looks for this magical motivation that is going to come knocking on the door. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to have motivation bite you in the ass on a random Tuesday night.  But the truth is waiting for motivation is just an excuse to be lazy!

Sure you could sit there right now and decide to wait until the day it does bite you in the ass.. and if you want to do that then hey you do you.  Personally, I suggest figuring out what drives you and create that motivation yourself.  You already have the answer to your own motivation inside you.. you just have to figure out what that driving force is.  That starts with figuring out the purpose you have to achieve whatever goal you are looking to accomplish.  From something as simple as cleaning your room or something as life changing as losing 50 pounds.  This isn’t rocket science here people, we both know that. Sometimes it just takes some thought to write out on paper.

I had the goal to get my life back on track. That’s a big task but I wanted to start with getting healthy again. What is the purpose? Simple, so I had more energy and felt better.  I was so sick of waking up every day feeling disappointed in myself for my choices and feeling like crap. Too many of us live with this on a daily basis. GUESS WHAT. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. I made a choice I wanted to change that and get healthy again.

Where did I start? I sat down and made a list of different ways/ideas of how I could help accomplish getting healthy again.. and I put a plan together.  From that plan I quit drinking for 30 days and executed a list of things I wanted to accomplish during that time to help me feel better and I did it!  28 days later, I’m down to 180 pounds for the first time since I was 21, I’m going back to church, started this website, have been getting up at 6:15am everyday with energy and have a better focus on my life/career. I FEEL AWESOME. All because I decided that I was sick of being disappointed in myself and the life I was living and wanted to start somewhere. Just from taking an idea and putting it into action.  I feel like I started rolling a huge snowball that just can’t be stopped and I am excited to see where it takes me in the next few weeks and months.

Like I said this isn’t rocket science.. so you want some motivation? Create it! Pick a goal, figure out why you want to achieve it (find what drives you, your purpose).. Write down some ideas/ways to accomplish it.. put a plan in place and execute.  How do you get motivation?  Stop making excuses, and do something 😉 Tee it up.

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  1. I read all 3 stories Brian and really enjoyed what you said. I told my son Zac about your blog because I think the 2 of you are like minded guys. I’m giving you his email – so he can read your blogs, okay.
    Good luck Brian and keep writing!

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