Being who you are supposed to Be

Your character defines who you are.  Your personality helps determine your friends, your social status, what kind of clothes you wear.  It helps define you.  In many different situations of life, people will tell you to always Be Yourself.  Who are you?  How would you define yourself?  What are your morals, values, abilities?  What are the characteristics that make up who you are.. your character?  Can you change them?  What if I said yes…

The most powerful force in human nature is being who we think we are supposed to be.  Throughout our lives we mold ourselves to who we are.  We create our own characteristics and all the little things about us.  Most of it comes from how we were raised and the type of friends we hang around with.  Many people believe these small things that define you are “set in stone”, but the truth is they aren’t.. You can Change.   Really, you can change your characteristics to create the person you want to be.

Your mind may be the most influential tool that you have.  We subconsciously tell ourselves how to act, how to react, what is right, and what is wrong based on who we think we are.  For example, if you are an outgoing and loud individual and you sit in the front row at the comedy club and raise your hand to go on stage.   You have molded yourself to be someone who is confident, very outgoing, likes attention, and isn’t afraid of embarrassment.  Human nature tells us that if that is who you are there is no changing it.  I disagree..  You don’t have to change the TRUE core of who you are but changing the small characteristics that mold your character can change your life.   This example may be a little extreme, but, if you take someone who is a shy and lazy person who procrastinates and swears constantly, and you motivate them to change, in a few weeks they could become an outgoing active person who works hard and doesn’t swear.   Now just like changing a habit, changing a characteristic of yourself is difficult and takes time, and it will only happen if you want to change, but you can make it happen.

The reason we feel like we can’t change is we fall into patterns in our lives that we don’t think we can get out of.  We think that the pattern is who we are, when it really is just who we are today because it’s part of the choices we have made in the past…  But, tomorrow is a new day… and today can change tomorrow.  You can create a new pattern of life today.  If you really want to you can change your shyness, procrastination, tardiness, listening skills; the list goes on.   It just takes time and effort.

So, the most powerful force in human nature is being who you think you are supposed to be.  Are you being the best version of yourself?  If not, I challenge you to figure out exactly why that is.  And I challenge you to change.