Our Approach

My Approach

Kick ass one day at a time. Because life is too short to go home and sit on the couch every day.

Our Story

My Story (The very short version)

I started out as the ideal child, went to church every sunday, was the starting running back for 6 years, 3.8 student,  voted nicest guy in school my senior year, started a 660 high school student youth gathering from scratch in 2011, life was good.  But threw most of that away. I dropped out of college, left the church, walked away from the youth program, and found myself partying in bars every weekend. But the beauty of life is every day we have a choice. It doesn't matter what happened in the past, what happened yesterday, or what's in store for tomorrow because we can only live right now in this moment. Every day I wake up and struggle with my past choices, many of which I haven't listed yet on here. But I believe personal growth, achieving your on-going dreams list, and helping others better their life is just a few keys to living. So if you find just one post, article, line, or video on here that helps you win today. Well then it was all worth it.

Meet the Team

The only logical people to put here right now are the 2 people that helped build me into the person I am today.

hole in one

Brian Herbst

Recruiter/Website Guy/Future Influencer

Just getting through life golfing, helping people find work, and maybe influencing a few people to have a better day in the process.


Bruce Herbst

The Boss

Not only does he happen to be my boss, run an awesome staffing company, and help companies find people to fill their jobs.. he happens to be a kick ass dad too.


Kay Herbst

The Designer

Kay designs Jewelry for a living.  If you want it, she can make it. Oh, she's a pretty awesome mom too.

Next Steps...

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