Time sure goes a lot faster the older that you get.  Didn’t it seem like all those years in grade school just dragged on and on while now summer, fall, winter, and spring hit like they’re only a month long?  Well, if you don’t know I turn 29 tomorrow.  Age hasn’t ever bothered me, and I can’t say I’ve really noticed a difference in turning a new number except for that one where you turn 21.  But I think it’s important to take a minute to look back and reflect on each year and be thankful for what you were able to experience.

As I reflect back, it’s crazy how many events, weddings, trips, and random weekend get togethers I was able to experience this year. I won’t even start to get into them all because it would take forever.  If you know me you know I love to always be doing something, always be surrounded by friends. I can truly say I lived life to the fullest in terms of experiences this year.

But as I reflect back I couldn’t help but feel part of myself still falling short in an area that means so much to me.  While the trips, golf, experiences are all something I love and will continue to engulf my life with in the next year.  When I ask myself who the best version of myself is, or when I feel the most satisfied with my life experiences; it’s when they are centered around giving back and my faith.  In that area although I have done some, my potential far outweighs my action over the last 12 months.  I was a part of a startup this year called Do Good Wisconsin which I am extremely proud of but we haven’t even touched on its potential.  I’m very happy Eric asked me to come along with him on this journey.  The community we are building and the podcasts we started will bring a light to so many people’s lives on a daily basis.  I know this is something I need to put my full focus into because it brings out the love and life in me. 

In terms of my faith and my life, going to Colorado to take part in a 3 day Immersion with Faith2Influence truly was life changing for me.  Being able to spend 3 days disconnected from the world and engulfed in knowledge with 9 other men who all live Christ centered lives was eye opening.  Spending my time staying connected in God’s word, going to church every week/not making excuses, and surrounding myself with people who desire the same is something I need to do better at. 

If you aren’t learning, growing, and re-evaluating you should be. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. But we should always be focused on taking a step forward towards bettering ourselves.  28, was a hell of a year.  We can also strive to be better.  I am going to put forth my best effort to do so.  People have asked me why I take the time to write blog posts on occasion.  For me, it helps keep me on track or get me back on track, get my thoughts and feelings down on paper, and even if it helps motivate one other person to do the same, then it’s worth my time.  Thank you to all of you that we’re along for the ride this year. Cheers to 28, let’s make 29 even better.