Since 1993

You have a Choice

Every day you have a choice. A choice of what you are going to focus on.  To focus on the things you can control or the things you can't control. A choice whether or not to take a step closer to your goals and to bettering your life.  Your choices right now determine whether or not when your head hits the pillow tonight you WON the day.

9 years ago I started my own website with the goal of being a life coach and public speaker. I was on track.. but chose to throw it all away. I'm not here to be a coach but simply a friend that might help push you to better yourself today.  I haven't gotten it all figured out myself, but hopefully if we WIN enough days.. we can figure it out together.


Being who you are Supposed to Be

A Challenge for you to change the little things in your life that help you be who you truly want to be.

Living Everyday Like it's Friday

Learning to Shape your mentality to look forward to every day, not just friday!

Finding Motivation

Do you feel like you have so much you want to accomplish but can't find the motivation to do it? Are you looking for a magical wand to show up on your door step? Maybe this will help you find it..


Check out a post, make a dreams bucket list, or go sit on the couch. The choice is yours..